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Specialty Chemicals (Mini Bulk to Bulk Quantities)

Dannier is your choice for bulk specialty chemical provider:
Dannier Group is a choice for many companies to produce bulk quantity specialty chemicals, for up to many millions pounds per item each year.

Dannier is also your choice for mini bulk specialty chemical provider:
Dannier is your perfect choice to handle your chemical needs for only a few kilograms to a few hundred kilograms, a quantity range that most companies would not be interested to work on. Dannier would deliver the same high quality, reliable delivery and very competitive price for such mini bulk quantities. Dannier Group develops and provides hundreds of products in this range each and every year for the past decades, to leading companies in chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industrial, and reagent companies.

Search your products with Dannier Database:
To search for and find out if Dannier Group can provide the products you are looking for, please search it right here.

Dannier will custom produces your unique chemical:
Dannier Group was founded in 1993 as a custom chemical synthesis and custom chemical manufacturing company for specialty chemicals. If you have a need for a specialty chemical in your organization, please contact us. If we do not already offer that product, please allow our chemists to explore a custom preparation for you. Custom chemistry is our Specialty!

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